Procedure of purchasing property


It will take about 1 month from application to settlement, you can purchase Japanese real estate without visiting Japan.※Based on properties or contract date

①Property search


Figure for sale

You can find more than 1000 properties on our global website.

1,You can search our properties in English, Chinese, and Thai.

2,Inquiry through website inquiry form in your language is available.

3,Sales figures will be sent to you.


For more details, please contact us.

No necessary for visa application if short-term stay in Japan within 15 days!

If you do not have chance to visit Japan,

It is available to know the property while you are in your own country.

③Purchase order・④Sales contract

Necessary files
Necessary documents and payment items

When you select a property to buy, please apply for purchase・contract!

Please let one of our consultants be in charge.

1.Fill in the purchase application form

2.Prepare necessary documents

3.Determinate the date of contract

4.Sign the contract

5.Make a payment


After settlement, You become an owner of the property in Japan!

When settlement is completed, you will be an owner of Japan's property!

When we receive all of fees which is shown on the right, you become the owner.

Also, if you sign lease management contract with us when you sign sale contract, fire insurance deposits will be needed at the same time.

We are also responsible for troubles and vacancy problems.

After all of everything is done, you are just ready to receive stable income.

Customers's payment items