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  • This seminar is held by Landnet to introduce reality of Japan's real estate to you simply and precisely. We have more than 1,000 offerable properties.<br>Not only brokerage, but also rental management and renovation business are available. We have already been managing over 3,370 properties.
  • It's time to invest in Japan! Let's start to search properties!

Japanese real estate seminar

Japanese used one-room properties
Real Yield Simmulator!
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The key points and tips of real estate investment in Japan will be provided in seminar!

◆ To understand why we should choose real estate in Japan as investment destination.

1) From 1 million JPY, you can start investment.
2) The prices of used apartments in Tokyo area are rising as Nikkei average stock price rises, so it's the time to purchase Japan's real estate!
3) We will introduce to you about the popular properties and points of purchase in Tokyo・Kanagawa・Osaka.

◆We can introduce more than 1,000 properties to you.

Landnet is a Japanese real estate brokerage company which has 23 years successful history. 98% Occupancy Rate
\This is  Japan Quality ! \ English / Chinese / Japanese<br> several languages are available!

Landnet is a Japanese real estate brokerage company which has 23 years successful history.

We also carry out rental management, renovation business except property trading, intermediation. We are managing more than 5000 properties, and keeping occupancy rate about 98%.

≪  What you learn from our seminar ≫

  • part1
  • ―  Japan’s property market overview
  • ―  Global property market overview
  • ―  Real estate technology
  • ―  What can we do with real estate technology

  • part2
  • ―  Basic knowledge of property investment (DCF)
  • ―  Japan’s property investment strategy (Arbitrage)
  • ―  Process of buying Japan’s property

Please feel free to take away our presentation materials.